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Winnipeg Convention Centre







Winnipeg Convention Centre

As one of the original architects/interior designers for the Winnipeg Convention Centre (WCC), LM Architectural Group/Environmental Space Planning has been providing architectural and interior design services to the WCC for over 40 years from building envelope replacement to expansion feasibility studies.

2009: Feasibility study re the expansion of the WCC as part of a newly energized downtown Winnipeg Development.

2008: Feasibility study examining an expansion of approximately 460,000 sq. ft. to create a 160,000 sq. ft. meeting and trade show space to accommodate larger conventions.

2008: The multi-functional, private VIP Salon of the Winnipeg Convention Centre was created around a theme of Manitoba/Winnipeg’s Brand of Spirited Energy. Complete with private washrooms and a built-in bar, this room provides a venue for smaller receptions/gatherings and more intimate luncheons and dinners.

2007: the second floor corridor was renovated to transform the corridor into a pre-assembly space for the existing meeting rooms. A Family Lounge, accessible washroom facilities, new Security Department and front desk were also part of this renovation.

2003: Envelope upgrade involved the complete removal and replacement of the exterior cladding, insulation and vapor barrier to all exterior walls and soffits which was replaced with a state-of-the-art pressure equalized rain screen wall system.

2002: The need for additional meeting rooms saw existing commercial rental units closed, and the administrative offices relocated. The abandoned offices were demolished and made into additional meeting space.

2001: An existing restaurant space was transformed into a multi-purpose room. A new six seat Boardroom provides private meeting or break-out space to support conference activities.

2000: an existing cinema was converted into a state-of-the-art multi-media executive conference centre, including a pre-assembly area, boardroom, 296 seat conference centre, stage and projection booth with interpretation facilities.