Project Specs

Selkirk Mental Health Centre Redevelopment Board Inc.


90,000 sq ft




$26.7 million

Selkirk Mental Health Centre

Consisting of five 15 bed Extended Treatment and Rehabilitation units designed for older adults with complex mental health needs and three 10 bed Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation units designed for individuals with severe acquired brain injuries, the Selkirk Mental Health Centre Redevelopment Project is a treatment and rehabilitation facility located in the park-like setting of the existing campus.

Creating a Therapeutic Environment: Environmental Space Plannings healing environments are designed to promote harmony of mind, body, and spirit. The quality of the physical environment is an important contributor to the outcome of medical care, as well as the quality of life for employees. Whenever possible we try to provide the least restricted environment as possible while ensuring safety and security. As much access to natural sunlight is provided as well as access to natural and varied outdoor green space. Views of the outdoors are valued for their restorative and therapeutic benefit as well as the use of natural materials and colours.  Clients are given as much control as possible over their acoustic and visual privacy without sacrificing, the need for supervision.