Project Specs

LM Architectural Group & Environmental Space Planning


8,222 sq ft




$0.22 million

LMAG Offices

One of the tenets of LM Architectural Groups Mission Statement is to care for the environment. When faced with moving to new premises, we wanted our new offices to be the physical embodiment of our Brand – that of an architectural/interior design practice committed to sustainable design and the environment and one that understands that the workplace is a powerful business tool and one that has a fundamental impact on the recruitment and retention of employees, productivity, innovation and brand identity.

We opted for an older office space located in a heritage building in the heart of Winnipegs Exchange District.  Our staff takes advantage of the central location by using alternative means of transportation.  We have employees who bus, walk, cycle, skateboard and, on occasion, even canoe to work!

By leaving the existing wood beams and columns, the galvanized pipe and ductwork as is, we reduced the need to introduce new materials and VOC- emitting  substances.   The office is filled with natural light from the huge, operable windows which provide not only views to the outdoors but, fresh air as well promoting the health, well-being and productivity of our staff.  Our furnishings, lighting and carpet tiles were salvaged from our old premises; our lighting is energy efficient T8 lamps; our computer system and appliances are Energy Star compliant and our plumbing fixtures low volume.

The open office concept provides a working environment that encourages open communication Work stations are grouped according to working teams and a large, central huddle space adjacent to an open kitchen facility provides an informal-meeting-chance-encounter-work-break space ideal for idea exchanges and communications.