Project Specs

Deloitte Winnipeg


40,000 sq ft




$7.2 million

Deloitte Winnipeg Offices

The 40,000 square foot, two storey renovation embraces the notion of hybridization, creating a customized environment specific to Deloitte’s Winnipeg office. Combining elements of open, ‘hoteling’ and traditional office planning strategies, embracing the non-orthogonal geometries resulting from the base building condition and demountable systems interface while maximizing daylighting, the environment is unique not only relative to its neighbors but also to Deloitte’s multinational corporate identity. The firm’s staff demographic and client list are diverse, each with particular and evolving needs. New recruitments often have an expectation of their environment that differs from, but must be balanced against, more conservative staff and clients. The creation of collaborative and team space need not be at the expense of personalized ownership or the realities of privacy legislation, manifested here as glazed, modular partitions used to create individualized offices while maximizing daylight and creating flexible, contiguous areas used in both social and solitary dimensions. The inherent flexibility of the system allows for future customization and growth. An expansive public entrance is created off of the elevator lobby, complete with meeting rooms and defined by a linear wood ceiling, panoramic views, and careful detailing. Beyond, the staff areas feature a combination of open workstations and individual offices, organized according to discipline and function and fostering productivity and collaboration. What it is to ‘work’, who does it, and how, is constantly evolving. The flexible, hybridized approach adopted by Deloitte in their renovation reflects that reality; it’s a design solution that is entirely their own.