Project Specs

10,120 sq ft




$1.4 Million

Booke & Partners

After many years on Donald Street, Booke & Partners opted in 2020 to embark on a new chapter for their firm by relocating their offices to 900 Lorimer Street in Winnipeg.

The design for their new space capitalized on the existing high volumes by exposing the building’s structure within large, open spaces. Major mechanical elements were strategically organized to be hidden within selective dropped ceiling areas while spiral ducts utilized in the open spaces provide a streamlined appearance for those elements exposed to view. Suspended baffles served both to improve acoustics and conceal utilitarian building system components.

Glazed demountable partitions were used at offices and meeting rooms to allow daylighting deep into the floorplate, and the provision of door panels and door hardware by the system’s supplier made for accelerated delivery and installation. Privacy and security were important design drivers; public spaces were organized around the central reception to facilitate visual and audial control. Furniture selection and arrangement provide for easy expansion, with LM/ESP playing a lead role in Audio-Visual Systems and Furniture coordination. The material palette is timeless, primarily neutrals with strong textural accents.