The highest quality interior design is the result of a creative process involving the client, the users and the entire design team. ESP is dedicated to an intensive, participatory process that actively involves our client representatives in the decision-making process with our “hands on” design team.  In order to understand our clients’ specific requirements, our process requires that we fully understand the project as we program, plan and design spaces to meet these needs.

Our design philosophy is client-centered. We listen carefully to our clients and provide them with strong leadership, guidance and recommendations while creatively interpreting their requirements. We use the Integrated Design Process (IDP) as a vehicle to bring together all of the key stakeholders and design professionals to work collaboratively and interactively towards effective solutions.

Environmental Space Planning  is committed to this philosophy which has been proven to provide innovation and excellence in interior design within the practical realities of program, budget, technical and site opportunities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to  interior design and architecture that respects the needs and aspirations of people, creates value and builds community.

In carrying out our mission, we believe in service to others, excellence and innovation, growth and development, and care for the environment.