Project Specs

Patent 5 Distillery


850 sf.



Patent 5 Distillery: Tasting Room

The Patent 5 Distillery and Tasting Room is located in the historic Dominion Express Building, nestled in the East Exchange District in Winnipeg. ESP was given the challenge of re-purposing woodwork and other artefacts salvaged from the Oak Room of the St. Regis Hotel as the inspiration for the design of a new Tasting Room that reflects the distinct brand and character of Patent 5 Distillery.

The bar, with backlit stained glass windows and heavy oak corbels, anchors the room. Refinished oak paneling surrounds and adds warmth to the space and re-wired vintage chandeliers flicker above. A hand-carved cherub header frames a view to the copper stills and impressive, ten foot high stained-glass doors announce the entrance to the still house beyond. Complementary stained concrete floor and paint finishes were selected to enhance the historical elements. The design team worked closely with the millworker who artfully pieced together new and restored elements to create the custom designed bar and other woodwork items. Effort and expense was taken to restore existing brickwork, preserve the original large, curved glass exterior window and integrate new overhead doors that blend seamlessly, providing a visual and physical connection to the outdoors.

The full flavor of this unique addition to the East Exchange District is best appreciated in the evening when patrons are taken back in time, enjoying vintage-inspired craft cocktails in the glow of stained glass and candlelight.